Brooch Bouquets

Once a bouquet sells, I obviously remove it from my shop(s) and I’ve realised it seems a bit of a shame (to me if no-one else!) that it’s not ‘around’ any more – apart from anything else, I need to be able to let you see the sorts of brooch bouquets I produce. So, I have decided to ‘archive’ some of my favourites with their own page here on Get Knotted, as they set off on their travels to their new homes. Beginning with this little Scottish number.

Scotland-inspired brooch bouquet

As ever, feel free to share the pics with your friends.

“Ae fond kiss, and then we sever;
Ae fareweel, alas, for ever!”

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Duck Egg Blue Brooch Bouquet features in Miollie Makes MagazineWell, what an amazing first quarter it’s been for my new venture into vintage bridal bouquets! It has been really heart-warmimg to have had such a lovely response, and surprising too – I’ve shipped my vintage brooch bouquets all over the place, including Vietnam, the U.S., Italy and Germany. I didn’t expect to ‘go global’ quite so soon! Huge thanks to all the brides who have given a home to one of my bouquets, it’s lovely to think of them off out there in the world.

The Vintage Bridal Bouquet Etsy shop now has a whole fresh batch for you to choose from, with more coming soon (follow along on my brooch bouquet blog (handy if you use Tumblr), check in on the brooch bouquet page on Facebook, or keep an eye on my Twitter or Pinterest streams – I’ll be adding each new bouquet to all those as they are ‘born’, so pick whichever kind of update suits you – and let me know what you think of them, I’d love more feedback.

The brooch bouquet trend is gaining ever more fans and it was really flattering to be featured in the “Let’s Get Hitched” supplement that comes with the latest edition of Mollie Makes magazine, for lovers of all things handmade. The duck-egg blue number pictured in the article is still available in my Etsy shop – grab it while you can!

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