Welcome to the Get Knotted website which went live only a few weeks ago. A big ‘thank you’ to all those who helped us, including IfLooksCouldKill and Texthouse, our couples and photographers.

Get Knotted is a friendly and practical wedding planning agency based in the Scottish Borders. We’re all about helping you find your perfect venue and enjoy a wonderful wedding for you in the stunning Scottish Borders.

We work closely with three fantastic venues: Hoscote Estate, Mellerstain House, and The Buccleuch Arms Hotel. We also offer a freelance wedding planning service, from help with arranging a marquee wedding in a field at home or just a few hours guidance to help you get organised and find the right wedding suppliers.

We’re keen to help you with creative ideas too – from fresh flowers, to vintage brooch bouquets, to props for hire and simple decorative ideas to give your venue a little extra sparkle.

We’re going to blogging on a regular basis, so do stay in touch!


Well, June has completely failed to ‘bust out all over’, unless you count the seemingly inexhaustible cloudbursts. With all this watery weather, your wedding may be a little squelchy underfoot. But fear not, you can still step out in style. These glamorous galoshes from Weddington Boots will avoid that Farmer Giles look as you daintily dodge the downpours. Perfect for a waterproof wedding, they’re sufficiently stylish that you’ll also want to make use of them after the big day!

The Catherine Boot from Weddington Boots - a wedding welly with a heel

These Boots Are Made For Weddings

There are two designs to choose from, the Catherine Boot –  inspired by Catherine Middleton’s love of knee-high boots – with its pearlescent finish, cream satin ribbon and a heel to boot (sorry!) .

The Catherine Boot

Or, the Classic Boot with corset lace-up detail and a cow-girl twist (perfect for that barn wedding).

Classic Weddington Boot

And if you want to take things one step beyond, then Weddington Boots can also be personalised with a different coloured ribbon to match your wedding colour scheme. You can even opt for a bespoke diamonte service!  They’re wellies, Jim, but not as you knew them! See the Weddington website for further details.  The boots retail at £49.99 for the Catherine Boot and £39.99 for the Classic Boot.

Could a bride ever look more bootilicious? If you’ve had any personal experience with your own Weddingtons, let me know in the comments section – better still, send me a photo!

Winter Wedding Bride looking bootilicious!



Silhouette art is a fascinating Victorian form of portraiture that ties in beautifully with a vintage wedding theme. If you’re looking for a great talking point and a memorable way to entertain wedding guests, why not hire a silhouette artist?

Silhouette Artist Alison Russell

Alison Russell specialises in creating silhouette art at wedding and other events, and has cut paper portraits of many celebrities and public figures, including Princess Anne, Shirley Bassey, Gordon Ramsay and Jonathan Ross.

Silhouette bride

She was also commissioned by Mclaggan Smith to cut the silhouettes of Kate and William for their mug design to commemorate the royal wedding, and often works at festivals and events  such as Royal Ascot.

‘It only takes only a few minutes to create a paper portrait’, she explains. ‘I enjoy the challenge of capturing the essence of the human spirit, and the likeness can be kept and treasured for years.’

Guests receive their portrait in a special card that can also be custom printed to include specific details, such as the names of the wedding couple, date and venue, to create a perfectly personalised memento to take home and frame.

Silhouette bridesmaids

Alison learned her timeless art from her grandmother, Mary-Lou Russell. ‘She was a painter and silhouette artist for more than 50 years’, she says. ‘I watched her technique, and cut my first silhouette when I was just eight. Then I kept practising on friends and family!’ She went on to study for a BA degree in Illustration, and also carries out commissions from her London studio.

On Alison’s website is a fantastic video showing the artist in action, and there are lots of examples on her blog.

Email: Alison Russell

Silhouette Artist Alison Russell

Silhouette Family White


Get Knotted is thrilled to introduce the newest (and oldest!) of our wedding venues in the Scottish Borders: historic Aikwood Tower near Selkirk.

Aikwood Tower was for many years the stylish home of Lord Steel and his wife Judy, and has now been lovingly renovated by their son Rory as an exceptional venue for weddings, events and gatherings. The 16th century tower is in the heart of Borders reiving country in the Ettrick Forest, just 40 miles south of Edinburgh, and is perfect for intimate weddings of up to 40 guests. It can also easily accommodate larger weddings with a marquee on the lawn and or in the courtyard. The gorgeous grounds include a wall garden, orchard and terrace, and the whole setting is wonderfully peaceful and private.

Aikwood Tower Great Hall

Aikwood Tower

Rory and his wife Victoria have overseen the refurbishment with great care and respect for the tower’s quirks and charms. Each room is a delight, with unusual period features, wonderful work by local craftspeople and artists, and luxurious boutique styling. All facilities are state-of-the-art, and designed for outstanding comfort. It’s a thoroughly endearing place, steeped in history and romance, and will be the talk of your guests for years to come!

For larger weddings, Aikwood has excellent relationships with local hotels and B&Bs, who can provide special rates for guests travelling from further afield. We also work regularly with a range of fantastic local suppliers. Visit the Aikwood Tower website for more on the story of this fabulous wedding venue, and its long connections with the worlds of literature, politics and even magic! And take a look at Get Knotted’s other beautiful wedding venues in the Scottish Borders.

Aikwood Tower

Aikwood Tower

Aikwood Tower


Cakes pops are catching on fast as a tasty and eye-catching alternative to traditional wedding cakes. They look like lollipops, but they’re actually tiny bite-sized cakes – just right if you want to offer your sweet-toothed guests something a bit different, or as a fun extra.

Cake pops can be made in different flavours and decorated in all sorts of adorable ways – to match your colour scheme or stand out as a funky talking point or centrepiece. It goes without saying that they’re perfect for kids – and they also make great favours! Could these be the new cupcakes?!

Click for more fun ideas and personal touches for your wedding from Get Knotted.

Cake Pops from Fifi's Boutique Cakes

Cake Pops from Fifi's Boutique Cakes

Cake Pops from Fifi's Boutique Cakes

Not cake pops, but just as cute…

Cake Pops from Fifi's Boutique Cakes

Visit Fifi’s Boutique Cakes for more gorgeous cakes!

Lindsey Hunter of Get Knotted is a wedding planner for Scotland and the north of England. She’s the in-house wedding planner for four lovely Scottish wedding venues: Mellerstain HouseAikwood Tower, Hoscote Estate, and the Buccleuch Arms Hotel. For more wedding inspiration, visit our gallery.


If you are getting married in a rural location and are worried that your guests might have trouble finding their way, then why not look at this idea from www.englandsigns.co.uk

Lovely couple Will and Clare who got married last weekend at Hoscote ordered several personalised road signs which they placed at various points up the remote Roberton Valley near Hawick.

Will and Clare’s personalised road sign


















We loved the ‘you made it’ sign which was placed outside the main gates at Hoscote.

You made it!













At just over £20 per sign, we think they are great value for money, clear and fun!



Wedding Poet Frankie Park

If you’re looking for an unusual touch for your wedding day, how about your very own wedding poet laureate? Frankie Parks is an actor and writer who has branched out into writing bespoke wedding poems that are specially commissioned for the occasion.

‘I’ve found that having a poem written specially for a couple is both touching for them, a wonderful keepsake and amusing for their guests,’ Frankie explains. ‘I like to make it precious, poignant, obviously personalized; but also like to inject some humour and spice so that the guests are entertained.’

One example is the poem she wrote for Simon and Kendra, who met at the Apple Store where they both worked. Kendra left Apple, but meanwhile Simon had moved in as a tenant into her flat, and they became good mates. Kendra was approaching 40 and getting desperate for a baby but was single, as was Simon. They went, as friends, to a festival and came back a couple.

Frankie interviewed the couple to get the details of their story for weaving into their poem. ‘I need some background information, catchphrases – that kind of thing. I also consider who will be reading it, whether it be the Bride to the Groom, vice-versa or another member of the wedding party.’

‘I heard that Kendra fell pregnant with Jackson Fox – named so because they’d been watching a fox in the garden the evening they conceived. Simon has openly, but lovingly, complained about how costly babies are; whereas Kendra’s pet gripe is her tummy – which she swears, is ‘the booze’, as she’s partial to a glass. That was enough information for me to write their poem, which was read by the Maid of Honour, as follows.’


Like Adam and Eve, they met at the Apple
Mates at first bite, not yet a ‘couple’
Simon moves in, ‘just renting a room’
Had no idea he’d soon be the groom
Kendra was happy, ‘I’ve got a good ‘flatty’
We get on great, we chat til late
And all that cool kind of stuff.’


A few months later, or was it weeks?
They went to a festival, began rubbing cheeks
Both faces and bums, they had all kinds of fun
Kissing and playing under the wet English sun
Simon was happy, ‘my landlady’s my date
‘We get on great, kiss until late
And all that cool kind of stuff.’


Soon after that, Kendra’s belly not flat
Was it the booze? ‘I’ve got weight to lose!’
A fox in the garden, had caused the hard on
Which led to the romantic romp
They both were happy, ‘my period’s late
We get on great, we’re the bestest mates
And all that cool kind of stuff.’


Kendra’s boobs expanded, Jackson had landed
He took his time to arrive, the pain she survived
Simon’s over the moon, Kendra’s all a-swoon
Jackson makes their hearts balloon
They’re all so great, ‘Jackson is happy,
We take it in turns to change his nappy,
And all that baby coo kind of stuff.’


Now not long after that, this is the fact
Kendra is tired, though totally wired
Simon’s bank balance fell, under the spell
Of a new family life, baby and wife
Wife? Yes WIFE! For life! So now you must
ALL be so great. Do love, not hate
Soothe not grate, listen don’t bait,
Kisses and cuddles are what it’s supposed to be

We all love you, and love you as Three.
Congratulations to you precious three
Wishing you all the luck there ever could be
To the Bride and Groom
Let’s make the most, and drink a toast
To your happy marriage
Kendra and Simon!!…..Now get me a carriage!

If you’d like to commission a bespoke tongue-in-cheek wedding poem from Frankie Parks, you can email her via fpark@toucansurf.com. Or click to see more fun wedding ideas from Get Knotted!

Lindsey Hunter of Get Knotted is a wedding planner for Scotland and the north of England. She’s the in-house wedding planner for four lovely Scottish wedding venues: Mellerstain HouseAikwood TowerHoscote Estate, and the Buccleuch Arms Hotel. For more wedding inspiration, visit our gallery.


I’m always looking for fun ideas to help wedding parties go with a swing, and these wedding photos by Birmingham photographer Steve Gerrard really made me smile. His Fun Booth has a set of kooky props and costumes which guests can use to stage informal pictures that bring out the livelier side of their personalities. Steve sets up an area of your reception room, and unpacks a treasure box of theatrical hats, specs, wigs, deely boppers, musical instruments…  anything colourful and daft that’ll help guests to relax. They seem to need no persuading to show off their silly side, and the result is loads of hilarity, whether you’re watching or taking part! And you’ll come away with some playful pictures that your guests will love.

Steve also offers some edgy ideas for couples looking for a daring, original look for some of their wedding photographs. His Trash the Dress sessions are a new look at portraiture, contrasting the beautiful bride and bridal gown against alterative settings, including urban backstreets, scrapyards, fields and beaches. A great way to get more out of your wedding dress (and you don’t really need to trash it…)!

Click for more fun ideas for breaking the ice at wedding parties, and wedding props for hire in Scotland and the north of England.

Visit Steve Gerrard Photography for more of his lively wedding photographs.

Lindsey Hunter of Get Knotted is a wedding planner for Scotland and the north of England. She’s the in-house wedding planner for four lovely Scottish wedding venues: Mellerstain HouseAikwood TowerHoscote Estate, and the Buccleuch Arms Hotel. For more wedding inspiration, visit our gallery.


Sheila Scott has been taking wedding photographs in the Scottish Borders and north of England for more than 20 years, but she’s no plans to rest on her laurels! Part of an award-winning team with her husband Harry, she specialises in bringing out the best in each couple’s personality and passions, and seizing the moment on the day. Whether it’s wind-strewn leaves, a sleepy bridesmaid or a shower of rain, Sheila beautifully captures the small decisive moments that make every wedding different.

Sheila Scott Photography

‘I started photography as a hobby when my daughter was born,’ she says, ‘then opened a studio business in portraiture, and branched into wedding photography over 20 years ago. My photography experience has included everything from industrial and commercial assignments, to the Queen, TV personalities and government ministers.  Some of my more unusual commissions have involved coffins, sewage works and septic tanks, but I can also be seen wearing  a yellow reflective jacket, hard hat and safety boots, up ladders, on building projects or photographing road works in progress’.

Sheila Scott Photography

Sheila Scott Photography

Sheila’s work has been widely published in magazines, and she’s photographed brides from all over the world. ‘Now, I choose to concentrate mainly on wedding photography, as Harry and I both enjoy it, and we feel it’s a privilege to be involved in such a special day’.

Sheila Scott PhotographySheila Scott Photography

Sheila Scott PhotographyA self-confessed gadget and technology lover, Sheila moved into digital photography in 2000. ‘I took the plunge earlier than most professional photographers, and I’m constantly updating my products to include the latest in digital offerings for the bride and groom, introducing an iPad package in 2010. My most recent venture is a professional wedding photo booth, which is the latest must-have for wedding receptions’, she says.

Most photographers would be happy to rest there, but not Sheila! ‘I recently became an author, with my first book, Galashiels Through Time. It’s a collection of colour and sepia photos recording the change in the town where I live, with a bit of history thrown in!’

Email Sheila Scott or visit her website: Sheila Scott Photography.

Sheila Scott Photography

Sheila Scott Photography

Sheila Scott Photography

Lindsey Hunter of Get Knotted is a wedding planner for Scotland and the north of England. She’s the in-house wedding planner for four lovely Scottish wedding venues: Mellerstain HouseAikwood TowerHoscote Estate, and the Buccleuch Arms Hotel. For more wedding inspiration, visit our gallery.


The wedding of Cara and Ross this summer was a particularly special occasion for Get Knotted as it was our first wedding at Aikwood Tower.

Ross, a retail manager, first met Cara, an interior designer, in the year 2000 when they both moved to Edinburgh to study at University. Cara’s school friend (and best man) George was living in Heriot Watt halls of residence at the time but it was when Cara visited George in his and Ross’s first flat that she met Ross properly. Ross and Cara often met up whilst out with friends at Jungle nights and had fallen in love by the end of the year. The couple share many interests; music, food, animals, tequila, the sea and an adventurous sense of fun. Ross proposed to Cara under the river god’s statue on the Campidoglio Square, Rome in 2011 after 12 years together.

Cara and Ross spotted Aikwood Tower on the internet and booked a visit as soon as they could.

They were simply stunned by the historic beauty of the tower and gardens combined with the boutique styling and modern furnishings.

It took only one visit to realise that it was the venue for them and they didn’t need to visit anywhere else. They could not believe they could get such an amazing place for a very small budget and have the luxury of the Tower for a full 3 nights. So, after confirming their booking for Wednesday 4 July 2012, it was full steam ahead.

The wedding day inspiration was an eclectic mix of vintage birds, gilded mirrors and floating scotch bonnet chillies.

With help from Roddy, Aikwood’s Manager and Get Knotted, they created an elegant summer dining experience that transformed into a romantically lit evening reception, complimenting the stunning features of the converted stone hall.

All of the guests were in awe of Aikwood’s ambience and each had their own favourite rooms. Aikwood Tower has all the grandeur and magic of a Scottish castle whilst providing a private and intimate wedding location. Being able to get married outdoors in the rose garden with the sun shining was the highlight of their day.

The ceremony was followed by champagne served in the great hall by the fire place.  A delicious dinner was then provided by www.blackcherryscotland.co.uk . Ross and Cara got nothing but compliments on the venue and plan to return to celebrate their future anniversaries in style.

Sticking with their love of all things spicy, they are going on a 3 week tour of Thailand in November 2012 and plan to stay at Boon Lott’s elephant sanctuary in Sukhothai.

Very many thanks to Nigel Darling for the photos.  www.nigeldarlingphotography.co.uk


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