Eve and Bob gathered their nearest and dearest to celebrate their wedding at the beautifully secluded Hoscote Estate





















They hired our Original Wurlitzer Jukebox, asked guests to request their favourite records …. and then secretly






















…… took dance lessons and surprised their guests with some knockout moves!















































































Every happiness to Eve and Bob.


Would you like to have one wedding album that includes photography of the day and hilarious photobooth pics signed with a special message from your guests in the evening?






We’ve teamed up with Sheila Scott, one of the Scottish Borders most experienced photographers to provide a wedding album with a difference.    

Here’s how it works:
1  Sheila will take professional, relaxed, reportage-style photography during the day
2  We’ll set up the Borders Photo Booth, complete with crazy props after dinner
3  Guests receive 2 copies of their booth pics.  If desired, they may write a special message on the back of one and return it to the booth attendant
4  Sheila will then incorporate wedding day images with the booth pix and messages into one gorgeous album chosen by you
A perfect record of every part of your wedding day.

We’ve recently been contacted by Emma-Jane of Buckingham Events.



Emma-Jane is a very busy lady organising events in and around Leicestershire.  She also has a gorgeous online boutique with stores on board such as Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Fortnum & Mason and Marks and Spencer – plenty of international inspriation for your wedding!  In addition, she produces really interesting and inspirational blog posts.  Our bouquets caught her eye.

Check out her lovely blog post about our vintage bouquets and then enjoy browsing her site

Thank you Emma-Jane.



Bethan and Neil got in touch with us to help them with styling their wedding at Marchmont House last October.  Marchmont is an incredible building 20 minutes from Kelso situated in magnificent parkland.  It’s one of the few properties in the Scottish Borders that can seat 140 for dinner and accommodate up to 200 for an evening party.











There’s a fabulous driveway up to the front of the house.











Bethan looked radiant.  She chose a shower bouquet in beautiful vintage pink and cream roses and we added snowberries and orchids.











We decorated the hall with a really large arrangement and added lots of extra fairy lights.











The Ballroom, a fabulous wood panelled room with church organ, provided the backdrop for the ceremony.





















We created two large arrangement in urns for the top of the aisle in lovely soft vintage pink and cream colours and plenty of greenery.











And we followed the colour theme into the dining rooms.  We also added fairy lights to the centre of the large fireplaces.











We loved making these flower ‘trees’ for the alcoves in the dining room.























And we reused the long arrangement from the registration table on the top table.  There are some beautiful flowers in the autumn including pink snowberries, with sedums and astilbes.











Bethan and Neil had great ideas and we thought these hand-crafted table names were so stylish – made from slate and wood.











There are lovely grounds at Marchmont – and the weather for Bethan and Neil’s wedding couldn’t have been better.











After dinner, guests enjoyed a fabulous party in the Ballroom.





















May we wish Bethan and Neil every happiness in their future lives together.

Also, many thanks to Craig McBeth from for all the fantastic images.



Shalini and Rajiv divide their time between New York, Glasgow and India and we were really delighted  when they decided to celebrate their special day at beautiful Mellerstain.  It took a lot of organisation by the talented couple and the day was full of colour and excitement.

Shalini looked exceptional!

Family and friends all contributed to the preparation of the marquee which was provided by  An elegant mandap was created for the main ceremony and dining tables were adorned with striking arrangements of flower heads in low terracotta bowls.

Shalini and Raj cleverly mixed together a fabulous fusion of English and Asian traditions including an Asian brunch, English afternoon tea, village fete bunting using sarees and an exciting blend of Scottish ceilidh and Bhangra music for a truly incredible evening party.

Our thanks to John and Sandra Parris of awarding winning photographers for all the exquisite images in this post.

Many congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Joshi.

We were pleased to welcome the following fantastic suppliers to Mellerstain for the day – Sunil Mistry – Michael Kelly – Jenni Gibb – Satish Kumar



Are you getting married or having a ceremony?

We’ve been contacted by Jenny who works for Purple TV based in Glasgow. They are currently making a series of programmes for the Gaelic language channel BBC ALBA about weddings in Scotland and are looking for couples who are getting married over the winter months (November-February) to participate.

They are looking for a variety of interesting couples and weddings (Asian,civil partnership, themed, traditional, vintage etc). From choosing the venue, the ring and the cake, and all the things that make the day personal to you, they would like to encapsulate the highs, the fun, and of course the love and excitement that makes your big day such a unique and unforgettable occasion.

If you are interested in sharing your wedding, or you know somebody who would like to have their special day recorded, get in touch with Jenny at 0141 300 3927 or Wendy 0141 300 3894

Good luck!


The wedding of Cara and Ross this summer was a particularly special occasion for Get Knotted as it was our first wedding at Aikwood Tower.

Ross, a retail manager, first met Cara, an interior designer, in the year 2000 when they both moved to Edinburgh to study at University. Cara’s school friend (and best man) George was living in Heriot Watt halls of residence at the time but it was when Cara visited George in his and Ross’s first flat that she met Ross properly. Ross and Cara often met up whilst out with friends at Jungle nights and had fallen in love by the end of the year. The couple share many interests; music, food, animals, tequila, the sea and an adventurous sense of fun. Ross proposed to Cara under the river god’s statue on the Campidoglio Square, Rome in 2011 after 12 years together.

Cara and Ross spotted Aikwood Tower on the internet and booked a visit as soon as they could.

They were simply stunned by the historic beauty of the tower and gardens combined with the boutique styling and modern furnishings.

It took only one visit to realise that it was the venue for them and they didn’t need to visit anywhere else. They could not believe they could get such an amazing place for a very small budget and have the luxury of the Tower for a full 3 nights. So, after confirming their booking for Wednesday 4 July 2012, it was full steam ahead.

The wedding day inspiration was an eclectic mix of vintage birds, gilded mirrors and floating scotch bonnet chillies.

With help from Roddy, Aikwood’s Manager and Get Knotted, they created an elegant summer dining experience that transformed into a romantically lit evening reception, complimenting the stunning features of the converted stone hall.

All of the guests were in awe of Aikwood’s ambience and each had their own favourite rooms. Aikwood Tower has all the grandeur and magic of a Scottish castle whilst providing a private and intimate wedding location. Being able to get married outdoors in the rose garden with the sun shining was the highlight of their day.

The ceremony was followed by champagne served in the great hall by the fire place.  A delicious dinner was then provided by . Ross and Cara got nothing but compliments on the venue and plan to return to celebrate their future anniversaries in style.

Sticking with their love of all things spicy, they are going on a 3 week tour of Thailand in November 2012 and plan to stay at Boon Lott’s elephant sanctuary in Sukhothai.

Very many thanks to Nigel Darling for the photos.


If you are getting married in a rural location and are worried that your guests might have trouble finding their way, then why not look at this idea from

Lovely couple Will and Clare who got married last weekend at Hoscote ordered several personalised road signs which they placed at various points up the remote Roberton Valley near Hawick.

Will and Clare’s personalised road sign


















We loved the ‘you made it’ sign which was placed outside the main gates at Hoscote.

You made it!













At just over £20 per sign, we think they are great value for money, clear and fun!



Is 2012 the year you are hoping your man will propose?  Fed up of waiting for him to pop the question?  This year you are in luck!

Old legends and history tell us that St Bridget struck a deal with St Patrick to change proposals around, allowing women to propose to men every four years; 29th February!  It is said that this was to introduce a balance in the roles of both men and women, similar to how a Leap Day balances out the calendar.

So girls, now you have a proposal on your mind, how are you going to do it?  Here are a few ideas:

If you want to make a big proposal get together with your friends or family, cook your man’s favourite meal or book a fancy restaurant and scatter the table with some beautiful natural petals to set the ambience.  After enjoying a wonderful meal, make a dessert and write “will you marry me” around the dessert plate with chocolate – how romantic.

If you would prefer to make the proposal alone, go for a nice walk to calm your nerves, open a bottle of wine when you get home handing your man an envelope.  Set him some tasks to follow to eventually find a ring or message of proposal by asking him to follow a petal path to find clues.

For a more traditional proposal set out a bed of natural petal confetti for you to kneel on and pop the question down on one knee.

Years ago in many countries it was dictated that if a man should refuse a woman’s proposal on February 29th he has to buy her 12 pairs of gloves.  This was so the woman could hide the embarrassment of not having an engagement ring.  Other traditions dictate that men refusing were expected to pay a penalty such as a gown or money.  If only those traditions still existed!

Get your petals ready now, in time for the 29th.  Shropshire Petals have a large range of petals for you to choose from, pick and mix online to create your own unique mix of your and your partners’ favourite colours, to make your proposal even more special and memorable.


We were delighted when Andrea Benn got in touch about her wedding in early December at the lovely Ednam House Hotel in nearby Kelso in the Scottish Borders.  Here are a few images from the day showing her wonderland winter wedding style, including the natural Scottish palette of her bouquet and a veritable forest of twiglights!

Andrea’s bouquet combined white anenomes, cream roses, freesias and heather in a hand tied posy, finished with pearls and cream lace.  She wore a stunning dress with lace bodice and a fabulous fur wrap.

Andrea wanted to create a sparkling, wintery theme for the dining room with plenty of candles.  Several of the tables were decorated with beech and twisted willow branches and finished off with hanging jars and votives.  We put arrangements of vintage coloured roses at the base of each centrepiece and further candles in stemmed glasses.

Photograph by: Adrian Gould / Borders Photographer

Andrea was keen to use a number of different accessories for the dining tables.  The long oval top table was set with two-tier candelabras.  They contained a mixture of small posies of flowers and candles.

On other dining tables glass domes were used to hold the bridesmaids bouquets.

Andrea used pretty frames for her seating plan and we added small posies of flowers to add colour to the table.

The room was finished off with sets of tall glass vases containing a myriad of twiglights to add warmth and sparkle to the outside of the room.

Adrian Gould / Borders Photographer

We wish Andrea and Iain every happiness in their married lives together.

Many thanks to Andrea and Iain (and  Sam at for allowing us to use their lovely images.  Also a big thank you Ralph Brooks at The Ednam House Hotel for allowing me to take images of the dining room during the set up.





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