Ceremony Backdrops

You two will be the focal point of your wedding ceremony, and it is lovely to frame this important part of your big day with a ceremony backdrop. Choose from an arch, a hoop, asymmetric displays of flowers or something more quirky and unique to you as a couple. Embrace your surroundings and choose a ceremony backdrop sympathetic to the fabric of your chosen ceremony space.

Cloths, napkins and runners – we can help with traditional white table linen or impactful coloured table linen. Chiffon, cheesecloth, natural undyed linens and even sequins we have a range of runners to adorn your wedding tables. Use a runner as a base for pretty candlelight decoration or flowers, dress up a rustic wooden trestle table or simply add a splash of colour to make your tables pop.

Always popular for barn and farm weddings, this pair of milk churns make the ideal base for large floral arrangements to greet guests at the entrance to your church, marquee or rustic barn.

Set the tone with a beautifully candlelit display to welcome your guests.  A wedding breakfast table is only fully dressed with lots of candlelight to sparkle and reflect off glasses and cutlery.  From ornate crystal candelabra to shabby chic brass candlesticks we have a range of options. Add in lots of little votives or tea light holders with long burn clear cup candles for twinkle at table level.   We have many types from the classic mini cylinder to gold carnival glass, rose gold, green, gold rimmed and copper.

We can supply non-drip dinner candles, a wide selection of coloured dinner candles.  For larger displays, lanterns and hurricane vases we can supply all your pillar candles – either new or pre-loved, still with hours and hours of burn time.  We also have a large collection of LED candles.

A green painted cocktail bar section that can be used by your bar staff or caterer in any type of location, from marquees to church halls. Add in some bar stools to keep the punters happy!

These old boys feel like they are straight out of the gentlemen’s smoking room. Comfy, well loved and just the ticket for a chilled break out space at any event. Team this pair of armchairs with comfy cushions, rugs and coffee tables and all you need is the roaring fire. Come as a pair.

Our genuine 70s cocktail trolley does not come laden with 70s throwback liquor! But it is funky and fun and a great prop to hire for cocktail time at your wedding reception. It can be used as a gin station, a place to pimp your procsecco or as a sophisticated sweet trolley. We love to see it groaning under glasses of coacktails.

Forget propping up the bar, sit at our sophisticated cocktail bar on a stool. These work really well around whisky barrels too and look great next to our rustic bar section. Hire bar stools from Get Knotted along with lots of other cocktail hour props.

A pair of white painted wicker peacock chairs ideal as the perfect pair of thrones for a newly wed couple. Or as part of your chill out area for your wedding reception. We can add in cushions in your colour palette and perhaps a funky little side table for fizz.

One of three handmade designs.  Our latest and most exciting addition to our prop portfolio these handmade terrariums are bespoke to Get Knotted and made in England by Lenka at LoveGlass.  We are very excited to be able to offer these terrariums for hire, they are make a wonderful centre piece and there is no end to how much or little you place inside the glass shapes.  The glass panels are held together with copper patina metal edgings.

Lenka uses a wide variety of materials and uses recycled material in many pieces which lends a unique charm to the pieces that could not be replicated otherwise, as well as fitting with her ethos of being environmentally friendly where possible.

We have three styles of terrarium to hire, please give us a call to discuss your requirements and we can recommend how best to use these beautiful objects.

Lantern –  measures 27cmW x 38cmH x 26cmD (opening 16cm x 17cm)

Cuboctahedron –  measures 28cmW x 23cmH x 25cmD (opening 15cm x 15cm)

Teardrop –  measures 23cmW x 21cmH x 24cmD (opening 14cm x 27cm)