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Terrarium – Teardrop

One of three handmade designs.  Our latest and most exciting addition to our prop portfolio these handmade terrariums are bespoke to Get Knotted and made in England by Lenka at LoveGlass.  We are very excited to be able to offer these terrariums for hire, they are make a wonderful centre piece and there is no end to how much or little you place inside the glass shapes.  The glass panels are held together with copper patina metal edgings.

Lenka uses a wide variety of materials and uses recycled material in many pieces which lends a unique charm to the pieces that could not be replicated otherwise, as well as fitting with her ethos of being environmentally friendly where possible.

We have three styles of terrarium to hire, please give us a call to discuss your requirements and we can recommend how best to use these beautiful objects.

Lantern –  measures 27cmW x 38cmH x 26cmD (opening 16cm x 17cm)

Cuboctahedron –  measures 28cmW x 23cmH x 25cmD (opening 15cm x 15cm)

Teardrop –  measures 23cmW x 21cmH x 24cmD (opening 14cm x 27cm)


Price: £20

Dimensions (cm): 23cmW x 21cmH x 24cmD (opening 14cm x 27cm)


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