Village Hall Wedding Styling Showcase

Village Hall Weddings

Village Halls are not just the reserve of the Women’s Institute and playgroups.  Village Halls can be very romantic and often are ripe for a bit creative decoration to transform into a romantic space for a wedding reception.    A very cost effective option and often sizeable enough to accommodate large numbers, we are seeing many couples opting to style their local village hall for a country style wedding reception.

Here in the Scottish Borders every village has their own hall, chat to the hall keeper or someone on the hall committee and you might be surpised at just how much is on offer.  We have styled several village hall weddings now and are delighted to see the good old village hall being used more often for weddings.  They are great fun to work in and whether you want cool sophistication or a vintage tea party style reception our every growing portfolio of props can help transform your village hall into a super wedding venue.

Fizz & Denny

Thank you for all your support, guidance and ideas for our wedding, we couldn’t have done it without you!

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