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Whilst we don’t like to blow trumpets too loudly, here at Get Knotted we are feeling very excited to share our latest venture.  Years of event styling, and transforming all sorts of wedding venues, from bijou village halls and barns, to grand marquees and stately homes, means that we know our business and have learned a trick or two.  Quite simply we know what works and have been quietly setting trends, here and there. Do you remember our Floral Chandeliers? And what about our funky Taxi Photo Booth?

We have decided to put our knowledge and experience and creative flair to a different use, and are launching a limited range of props for sale, direct to event stylists, venues, and DIY brides.  We have sourced ahead-of-the trend wedding ideas that are perfect for a bespoke wedding style.

We are over the moon about sharing our knowledge to bring you a wonderful line of props for sale that we know will work for you, whatever your venue.  First up the next big thing in wedding chair decor…

golden tones chiffon ruffle wedding chair decor



We are delighted with our latest props, particularly these wonderfully quirky maypole tea light holders.  Our beaded candelabra are suspended from a maypole with tea light holders covered in beads, jewels and sequins.  We love adding on more jewels and beads which catch the candle light and twinkle, casting a lovely festive light over any celebration table.  Coupled with our bespoke maypole stands they work beautifully as a table centre and can be adorned with ribbons, flowers and greenery.


Charmed tea light holder maypole

The wires that the be-jewelled ring is suspended from can be hidden behind pretty ribbons, left unadorned they give the beaded rings a rather magical look of being suspended in mid-air.  We found pale pink ribbon to match these gorgeous fresh roses and wrapped the pole and covered the wires in the pretty ribbon to create a softer look, which complimented the bride’s bouquet.

Lighting for table centre

Brightly coloured flowers can be used at the base of the maypole tea light holder to match the rainbow of colours up above, and with the addition of multi coloured votive candles we created a wonderfully bright display as a centre piece.  We used a mirror as a base for this table centre.

Maypole with mirror base for table centre

Colourful and quirky the circular tea light holders can hold 4 long burn tea lights – we’ve used white tea lights but you could use multi coloured night lights to match all the different beads, sequins and jewels.

Tea light holders with beaded rings

Or you can suspend the beaded ring holding the tea lights from above.  We used a branch and hung several candelabra from the branch at different heights to lower the ceiling and draw the eye to the ceremony space.


Beads and charms on chandelier Suspended tea light holders

DSCN0762 (2) DSCN0774 (3)


Scotland Shop is the brainchild of Anna White and based in Duns in the Scottish Borders.  We were fortunate enough to collaborate with Anna recently on a series of inspirational photo shoots at special wedding venues in the Scottish Borders with the aim of promoting the use of tartan for weddings – and tartan a contemporary twist.

Having made a substantial investment in state of the art technology, Anna and the team at Scotland Shop aim to become a global leader in “e-tailoring”.  The software allows online shoppers to see their chosen item of clothing in one of over a thousand different tweeds and tartans, something that up to now only fashion designers had the tools to do. Read the rest of this entry »


Well, June has completely failed to ‘bust out all over’, unless you count the seemingly inexhaustible cloudbursts. With all this watery weather, your wedding may be a little squelchy underfoot. But fear not, you can still step out in style. These glamorous galoshes from Weddington Boots will avoid that Farmer Giles look as you daintily dodge the downpours. Perfect for a waterproof wedding, they’re sufficiently stylish that you’ll also want to make use of them after the big day!

The Catherine Boot from Weddington Boots - a wedding welly with a heel

These Boots Are Made For Weddings

There are two designs to choose from, the Catherine Boot –  inspired by Catherine Middleton’s love of knee-high boots – with its pearlescent finish, cream satin ribbon and a heel to boot (sorry!) .

The Catherine Boot

Or, the Classic Boot with corset lace-up detail and a cow-girl twist (perfect for that barn wedding).

Classic Weddington Boot

And if you want to take things one step beyond, then Weddington Boots can also be personalised with a different coloured ribbon to match your wedding colour scheme. You can even opt for a bespoke diamonte service!  They’re wellies, Jim, but not as you knew them! See the Weddington website for further details.  The boots retail at £49.99 for the Catherine Boot and £39.99 for the Classic Boot.

Could a bride ever look more bootilicious? If you’ve had any personal experience with your own Weddingtons, let me know in the comments section – better still, send me a photo!

Winter Wedding Bride looking bootilicious!



Once a bouquet sells, I obviously remove it from my shop(s) and I’ve realised it seems a bit of a shame (to me if no-one else!) that it’s not ‘around’ any more – apart from anything else, I need to be able to let you see the sorts of brooch bouquets I produce. So, I have decided to ‘archive’ some of my favourites with their own page here on Get Knotted, as they set off on their travels to their new homes. Beginning with this little Scottish number.

Scotland-inspired brooch bouquet

As ever, feel free to share the pics with your friends.

“Ae fond kiss, and then we sever;
Ae fareweel, alas, for ever!”


Duck Egg Blue Brooch Bouquet features in Miollie Makes MagazineWell, what an amazing first quarter it’s been for my new venture into vintage bridal bouquets! It has been really heart-warmimg to have had such a lovely response, and surprising too – I’ve shipped my vintage brooch bouquets all over the place, including Vietnam, the U.S., Italy and Germany. I didn’t expect to ‘go global’ quite so soon! Huge thanks to all the brides who have given a home to one of my bouquets, it’s lovely to think of them off out there in the world.

The Vintage Bridal Bouquet Etsy shop now has a whole fresh batch for you to choose from, with more coming soon (follow along on my brooch bouquet blog (handy if you use Tumblr), check in on the brooch bouquet page on Facebook, or keep an eye on my Twitter or Pinterest streams – I’ll be adding each new bouquet to all those as they are ‘born’, so pick whichever kind of update suits you – and let me know what you think of them, I’d love more feedback.

The brooch bouquet trend is gaining ever more fans and it was really flattering to be featured in the “Let’s Get Hitched” supplement that comes with the latest edition of Mollie Makes magazine, for lovers of all things handmade. The duck-egg blue number pictured in the article is still available in my Etsy shop – grab it while you can!


The Vintage Wedding Fair Spring 2012 is the place to go if you are want inspiration for your wedding this year.  Get Knotted is pleased to announce that we will be out on the road this spring at these exciting events  in Harrogate, Chester, Leamington Spa and London with our new range of vintage bridal bouquets.

The events are the brainchild of Keeley Harris, who is an expert on all things vintage and who established Discover Vintage to promote fairs across the north of England in 2009 selling everything from quality clothes, shoes, handbags, jewellery, homeware and furniture.  Keeley also has a wonderful emporium in York.

After success with her first fairs, Keeley decided to launch a specialist wedding fair so that brides who love the look can find everything for their special day including: more than 400 wedding dresses; antique lace; 30’s and 40’s lingerie; classic suits; jewellery; hair and make up advice; cars; specialist entertainment; cakes; floral displays and decorations. We’re really looking forward to meeting some of the makers of these wonderful things.

The new brooch bouquets should provide a fitting addition to your vintage-inspired or influenced wedding day – this is their first outing to a fair so it will be fun to see what people think. Here’s a sneak preview of a couple of new designs that we’ve just created.

There’ll be lots of colour, as well as traditional ivory favourites, and they are all packed with drop-dead gorgeous pieces of jewellery, beads, buttons, feathers, lace and more.

No two bouquets are ever the same and each one takes many hours to create.  You’ll certainly stand out from the crowd.  Even better, you can keep them forever to pass on to the next generation!

The fairs are open from 11am – 4pm and the first one is in Harrogate on Sunday 19 February at The George Hotel.  We’ll also be at:

– Chester Guildhall on Sunday 11 March
– The Assembly, Leamington Spa on Sunday 25 March
– Chiswick Town Hall on Sunday 13 May

For further information, check out The Vintage Wedding Fair website.  Look forward to seeing you there!





Guests from further afield can struggle to find your Scottish wedding venue, so how about a custom wedding map? Cute Maps are a new twist on wedding stationery that’s both practical and pretty! They’re designed by artist and illustrator Sheree Hutchinson, who first came up with the idea when planning her own wedding. She says she was on a modest budget, but wanted something with more individuality and personality than an ordinary route map. Cue the first Cute Map!

Sheree went on to launch her website, and her funky, friendly Cute Maps were an instant hit, with orders coming in from destinations as far afield as Austria, Australia and Beverley Hills, as well as places all over the UK. Each one is personalised to the individual couple and the occasion, whether it’s a wedding, birthday or other celebration. Her whimsical illustrations pick out local landmarks and can also add adorable romantic touches that help to tell the couple’s story. No two are the same, and they make a lovely keepsake.

Cute Map

Cute Map designs are versatile, and can be sent as Save the Date postcards, invitation inserts or even the invitation itself. You can order printed cards, postcards or magnets, or simple order the design and use your own creativity! Some of Sheree’s clients have used the designs on posters, signs, stickers and even tote bags – the possibilities are endless!

Click for more fun ideas and personal touches for your wedding from Get Knotted.

Lindsey Hunter of Get Knotted is a wedding planner for Scotland and the north of England. She’s the in-house wedding planner for four lovely Scottish wedding venues: Mellerstain House, Aikwood Tower, Hoscote Estate, and the Buccleuch Arms Hotel. For more wedding inspiration, visit our gallery.

Cute Map

Cute Map

Visit Cute Maps online gallery for more inspiration…


Natural flower petal confetti is hugely popular with Get Knotted brides, and Shropshire Petals are especially close to my heart, as they come from my home turf! What’s more, they’re offering Get Knotted blog readers a special deal of £65 for two of their lovely Shropshire Boxes (see pic below) if you mention the discount code GN2011 when ordering. This is a special ivory dispensing box with 25 floral embossed confetti cones and 2 litres of delectable natural confetti of your choice. The box is tied with satin ribbon, and makes a great keepsake for wedding memories and photos!

Shropshire Petals Natural Wedding Confetti

Shropshire Box of natural wedding confetti - special Get Knotted offer of 2 for £65 if you mention discount code GN2011!

They’ve also just launched a new range of exclusive colour confetti cones, which come in white, pink, blue and green, and are embossed with the Shrophire Petals flower, giving a lovely texture to the confetti cone. They’re perfect for any wedding theme, from an English country garden to chic Tiffany blue colour schemes.

Shropshire Petals wedding confetti cones

Shropshire Petals Wedding Confetti Cones in Bo-Peep Basket

Shropshire Petals offer a great pick & mix service, so you can choose colours to fit your own scheme and theme, whether it’s deep red roses, tangy clementines or fragrant lavender. Or you can go for their seasonal mix of the month, such as this ‘raspberry fool’ of hot pink delphinium petals, green hydrangea and yellow rose – so pretty, and would look great decorating your party tables, too! And there’s a special price of £50 for Get Knotted blog readers – just mention the code GN2011.

Natural Wedding Confetti from Shropshire Petals

Shropshire Petals wedding confetti Mix of the Month - Delphinium and Rose/Hydrangea petals, 5 litres for £50 - just mention discount code GN2011!

Shropshire Petals Natural Wedding Confetti

You’ll also want to check out the Shropshire Petals Fields of Ideas page for inspiration and beautiful photographs of petals used in different imaginative ways – for table settings, as dessert and cake decorations, and as an extra-romantic bath fragrance! Do also look out for the cute presentation and keepsake boxes, handmade confetti cones and wheatsheaf decorations in their their online shop.

It goes without saying that all Shropshire Petals confettis are 100% natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly, and the site gives guidance on how much to order, and various packaging options.

Shropshire Petals Natural Wedding Confetti

Shropshire Petals Wedding Reception Ideas

Shropshire Petals Natural Wedding Confetti

Shropshire Petals Natural Wedding Confetti

Visit the Shropshire Petals website for more natural confetti ideas.

Lindsey Hunter of Get Knotted is a wedding planner for Scotland and the north of England. She’s the in-house wedding planner for four lovely Scottish wedding venues: Mellerstain HouseAikwood TowerHoscote Estate, and the Buccleuch Arms Hotel. For more wedding inspiration, visit our gallery.


Remember Jukebox Jury?

Before your (and my) time perhaps! But how about hiring your own wedding jukebox to help you and your guests re-live whichever musical eras you’re crazy about?

We have added another service for our wedding clients at Get Knotted and teamed up with the phenomenally successful Betterdaze Juke Box Parties who supply historic jukeboxes from the 50s through to the 70s, together with the biggest collection of vinyl singles (remember vinyl?!) in the UK.  We are now able to supply wedding venues all over Scotland.  They are perfect for a vintage wedding theme and create a really fun talking point.

We’ll fill the jukebox with all your favourites hits and requests and you can have dedications written against particular songs for an extra personal touch.  It’s guaranteed to get the after-wedding party going with a swing.   Choose from music from the 1950s through to the mid-1990s – so anything from Andy Williams to Robbie Williams – and you can get friends and family involved by asking for suggestions and favourite songs.

Betterdaze Wedding Juke Box

There are five different models of the famous Wurlitzer 1015 Dometop Bubbler, which holds 100 7-inch singles, giving you a choice of up to 200 songs from an amazing 30,000+ originally vinyl singles from the last 50 years. For true vinyl buffs, there are also rare records from non-chart artists, including American rock-n-roll and European rock. And if you’re overwhelmed by the sheer choice, we can help out by recommending records around your chosen theme. Maybe a chance to indulge your passion for Northern Soul, 70s Disco, or punk bands?!


No DJ required

The great advantage of your own jukebox over hiring a DJ is that it’s yours for the whole day and into the night if desired and you have control over the volume!  So if you’re planning to party into the wee hours, this is perfect! Great fun, and a style icon of music history that will get the generations talking!

Feeling groovy? Try these GK site searches for more fun wedding ideas, vintage wedding inspiration and wedding prop hire for Scotland and the north of England.

Betterdaze Wedding Jukebox

Betterdaze Wedding Juke Box

Visit the Betterdaze website for more on vintage music hire for weddings.

Lindsey Hunter of Get Knotted is a wedding planner for Scotland and the north of England. She’s the in-house wedding planner for four lovely Scottish wedding venues: Mellerstain HouseAikwood TowerHoscote Estate, and the Buccleuch Arms Hotel. For more wedding inspiration, visit our gallery.


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