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Royal Wedding watchers can’t have failed to notice a tasty trend that’ll appeal to everyone that’s no so keen on traditional wedding cakes – the groom’s cake. Prince William apparently requested his favourite chocolate, biscuity one using McVitie’s Rich Teas, as an alternative to the magnificent eight-tiered one created by Fiona Cairns.

It seems grooms’ cakes aren’t a new phenomenon – there’s a recipe for a ‘Plain Bridegroom’s Cake’ in an 1897 book called The British Baker. In the meantime, the trend originated in the United States, and the Royal Wedding has given it a big boost over here, with cake designers reporting a sudden upsurge in enquiries.

Groom’s cakes are usually themed around the groom’s job or hobby.  There are some wild and wonderful examples on Flickr, featuring beer cans, Daleks, stags and even hog roasts.  Time to have fun and let your imagination run riot!

And the best part is, you can have a traditional bridal cake, and a fun groom version. Have your cake and eat it, in other words. Sorry – couldn’t resist!

Check out the fabulous examples from The Cake Partnership below, or click for more wedding cake inspiration and fun ideas from Get Knotted.

Visit The Cake Partnership for more delicious groom’s cake ideas!

Lindsey Hunter of Get Knotted is a wedding planner for Scotland and the north of England. She’s the in-house wedding planner for four lovely Scottish wedding venues: Mellerstain HouseAikwood TowerHoscote Estate, and the Buccleuch Arms Hotel. For more wedding inspiration, visit our gallery.


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