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Wedding Poet Frankie Park

If you’re looking for an unusual touch for your wedding day, how about your very own wedding poet laureate? Frankie Parks is an actor and writer who has branched out into writing bespoke wedding poems that are specially commissioned for the occasion.

‘I’ve found that having a poem written specially for a couple is both touching for them, a wonderful keepsake and amusing for their guests,’ Frankie explains. ‘I like to make it precious, poignant, obviously personalized; but also like to inject some humour and spice so that the guests are entertained.’

One example is the poem she wrote for Simon and Kendra, who met at the Apple Store where they both worked. Kendra left Apple, but meanwhile Simon had moved in as a tenant into her flat, and they became good mates. Kendra was approaching 40 and getting desperate for a baby but was single, as was Simon. They went, as friends, to a festival and came back a couple.

Frankie interviewed the couple to get the details of their story for weaving into their poem. ‘I need some background information, catchphrases – that kind of thing. I also consider who will be reading it, whether it be the Bride to the Groom, vice-versa or another member of the wedding party.’

‘I heard that Kendra fell pregnant with Jackson Fox – named so because they’d been watching a fox in the garden the evening they conceived. Simon has openly, but lovingly, complained about how costly babies are; whereas Kendra’s pet gripe is her tummy – which she swears, is ‘the booze’, as she’s partial to a glass. That was enough information for me to write their poem, which was read by the Maid of Honour, as follows.’


Like Adam and Eve, they met at the Apple
Mates at first bite, not yet a ‘couple’
Simon moves in, ‘just renting a room’
Had no idea he’d soon be the groom
Kendra was happy, ‘I’ve got a good ‘flatty’
We get on great, we chat til late
And all that cool kind of stuff.’


A few months later, or was it weeks?
They went to a festival, began rubbing cheeks
Both faces and bums, they had all kinds of fun
Kissing and playing under the wet English sun
Simon was happy, ‘my landlady’s my date
‘We get on great, kiss until late
And all that cool kind of stuff.’


Soon after that, Kendra’s belly not flat
Was it the booze? ‘I’ve got weight to lose!’
A fox in the garden, had caused the hard on
Which led to the romantic romp
They both were happy, ‘my period’s late
We get on great, we’re the bestest mates
And all that cool kind of stuff.’


Kendra’s boobs expanded, Jackson had landed
He took his time to arrive, the pain she survived
Simon’s over the moon, Kendra’s all a-swoon
Jackson makes their hearts balloon
They’re all so great, ‘Jackson is happy,
We take it in turns to change his nappy,
And all that baby coo kind of stuff.’


Now not long after that, this is the fact
Kendra is tired, though totally wired
Simon’s bank balance fell, under the spell
Of a new family life, baby and wife
Wife? Yes WIFE! For life! So now you must
ALL be so great. Do love, not hate
Soothe not grate, listen don’t bait,
Kisses and cuddles are what it’s supposed to be

We all love you, and love you as Three.
Congratulations to you precious three
Wishing you all the luck there ever could be
To the Bride and Groom
Let’s make the most, and drink a toast
To your happy marriage
Kendra and Simon!!…..Now get me a carriage!

If you’d like to commission a bespoke tongue-in-cheek wedding poem from Frankie Parks, you can email her via Or click to see more fun wedding ideas from Get Knotted!

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