Remember Jukebox Jury?

Before your (and my) time perhaps! But how about hiring your own wedding jukebox to help you and your guests re-live whichever musical eras you’re crazy about?

We have added another service for our wedding clients at Get Knotted and teamed up with the phenomenally successful Betterdaze Juke Box Parties who supply historic jukeboxes from the 50s through to the 70s, together with the biggest collection of vinyl singles (remember vinyl?!) in the UK.  We are now able to supply wedding venues all over Scotland.  They are perfect for a vintage wedding theme and create a really fun talking point.

We’ll fill the jukebox with all your favourites hits and requests and you can have dedications written against particular songs for an extra personal touch.  It’s guaranteed to get the after-wedding party going with a swing.   Choose from music from the 1950s through to the mid-1990s – so anything from Andy Williams to Robbie Williams – and you can get friends and family involved by asking for suggestions and favourite songs.

Betterdaze Wedding Juke Box

There are five different models of the famous Wurlitzer 1015 Dometop Bubbler, which holds 100 7-inch singles, giving you a choice of up to 200 songs from an amazing 30,000+ originally vinyl singles from the last 50 years. For true vinyl buffs, there are also rare records from non-chart artists, including American rock-n-roll and European rock. And if you’re overwhelmed by the sheer choice, we can help out by recommending records around your chosen theme. Maybe a chance to indulge your passion for Northern Soul, 70s Disco, or punk bands?!


No DJ required

The great advantage of your own jukebox over hiring a DJ is that it’s yours for the whole day and into the night if desired and you have control over the volume!  So if you’re planning to party into the wee hours, this is perfect! Great fun, and a style icon of music history that will get the generations talking!

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Betterdaze Wedding Jukebox

Betterdaze Wedding Juke Box

Visit the Betterdaze website for more on vintage music hire for weddings.

Lindsey Hunter of Get Knotted is a wedding planner for Scotland and the north of England. She’s the in-house wedding planner for four lovely Scottish wedding venues: Mellerstain HouseAikwood TowerHoscote Estate, and the Buccleuch Arms Hotel. For more wedding inspiration, visit our gallery.


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