Bright and Bold at Aikwood Tower

13 Dec 2013

Bright and bold colours have been a huge trend this year.  Couples have been able to express themselves and their styles through the use of colour in their wedding themes.

Fizz  Denny-652-(ZF-9881-23688-1-098)

Back in September a wonderful, bubbly couple, Fizz and Denny, got married at the beautiful Aikwood Tower.  Aikwood is the former home of Lord Steel and now owned by his son Rory and wife Vicky.  It’s located just 40 miles south of Edinburgh.  It’s filled with history and surrounded by stunning landscapes.

Fizz  Denny-15-(ZF-9881-23688-1-003)


Fizz  Denny-2-(ZF-9881-23688-1-001)

 As Fizz and Denny are both very creative, they wanted to put their skills to use on their wedding day.  Fizz made almost everything!  Adding Fizz’s love of colour to their special day, Fizz and Denny chose to use a palette of pink, orange and yellow – how wonderful do these colours look together.

Fizz  Denny-415-(ZF-9881-23688-1-080)

 Fizz wanted to incorporate colour wherever she could throughout the venue.  She decided to make lots of pretty, colourful bunting and ribbon decorations, which worked really well to brighten the room and create a vibrant atmosphere.

Fizz  Denny-47-(ZF-9881-23688-1-009)

Fizz  Denny-577-(ZF-9881-23688-1-092)

Fizz  Denny-40-(ZF-9881-23688-1-008)

The cart shed, where the couple and their guests enjoyed a delicious three-course meal, was festooned with bunting.

Fizz  Denny-432-(ZF-9881-23688-1-084)

Even the chairs were decorated with ribbons!

For floral accessories

Fizz used more of her creativity to make all of the cakes for the reception – don’t they look delicious!

Fizz  Denny-395-(ZF-9881-23688-1-075)

And for the bride herself, Fizz chose to add a touch of vintage to their wedding theme.

Fizz  Denny-76-(ZF-9881-23688-1-012)

Get Knotted supplied all of the flowers and it was just fabulous using such a vibrant array of colours.   We were really able to experiment with colour and types of flowers.  Fizz’s hand-tied bouquet incorporated dahlias, carnations and roses, which are all making a big come back.

Fizz  Denny-95-(ZF-9881-23688-1-016)

Fizz  Denny-96-(ZF-9881-23688-1-017)

For table centrepieces

Beautiful, fresh flowers hung in jars on the chairs down the aisle, creating a bold splash of colour for the glamorous bride to follow.

Fizz  Denny-98-(ZF-9881-23688-1-018)

These were also displayed around the venue and throughout the cart shed reception.

Fizz  Denny-444-(ZF-9881-23688-1-086)Fizz  Denny-402-(ZF-9881-23688-1-081)Fizz  Denny-405-(ZF-9881-23688-1-078)

On entering Aikwood Tower, the newly-weds and their guests got to walk through a stylish archway made from silver birch and driftwood created by Get Knotted.  Large blooms of hydrangeas were added to the top and bottom of the archway.


(The archway was too beautiful to not be seen for the rest of the day so it was moved during the drinks reception to ensure that Fizz, Denny and their guests could admire it during dinner.)

The reception, held in the beautiful cart shed was a fluster with delicate fairy lights on the ceiling, all of which were supplied by Get Knotted.  To add an extra touch of romance, the couple hung hand-sewn hearts above each table – really cute!

Fizz  Denny-597-(ZF-9881-23688-1-093)Fizz  Denny-631-(ZF-9881-23688-1-096)

Adding their own personalities and style to the day, Fizz and Denny created a whiskey room: a tiny room off the main spiral staircase for guests to go and enjoy some of the couple’s collection of malts.  Featuring a wood burner and historic pictures of Lord Steel, this small room made the perfect whiskey den.

Fizz  Denny-33-(ZF-9881-23688-1-006)

Fizz  Denny-36-(ZF-9881-23688-1-007)

Continuing the colourful vintage theme, the rustic Aikwood bar was covered in vintage details including original Babysham glasses (we all remember those) and cocktail shakers.

Fizz  Denny-571-(ZF-9881-23688-1-090)

After enjoying their three-course meal, the couple and their guests transferred back to the ancient tower for a party and celebration.   We love these dance moves!

Fizz  Denny-685-(ZF-9881-23688-1-100)

Fizz  Denny-711-(ZF-9881-23688-1-103)

Fizz  Denny-695-(ZF-9881-23688-1-101)

Fizz  Denny-666-(ZF-9881-23688-1-106)

Congratulations Fizz and Denny and thank you for sharing your special day with Get Knotted.

Pictures courtesy of Lindsay Parker at

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