VIP attends Mellerstain wedding reception

22 Aug 2013

I’ve seen a few things in my time as a wedding planner but a VIP  (Very Important Pig) at a wedding reception was a new one.

Olive (one of two resident pigs at beautiful Mellerstain House in the Scottish Borders) decided it was time to break free and get a slice of the action! So, one fine wedding day, she made a cunning escape and joined the party.

The ceremony had taken place, champagne corks were popping and guests were chatting.  And then, out of nowhere, our four-legged friend was spotted mingling with guests on the terrace.

Olive, who had a beautiful designer mud outfit on for the occasion, was dangerously close to the bride’s white dress.  I had a ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ moment  – but, miraculously, the pig was a hit.   The guests were relaxed, the bride was relaxed and Olive was relaxed.

The Mellerstain team, headed up by resourceful Jane Malloch, coerced our hairy friend down the terrace. But, Olive started to pick up the pace, and did a de-tour, this time heading straight for the art gallery and kitchen.

Fortunately, Lord and Lady Haddington arrived in the nick of time with a bucket of  food which did the trick.   And, as good as gold, Olive trotted off behind her owners, back to home base – naughty old Olive!




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