Shower bouquets set to be big trend in 2014

23 Jan 2014

A cascade of delicate fresh flowers has come to be known as shower bouquets within the wedding industry.  Like a waterfall, shower bouquets flow elegantly from larger or more dense flowers at the top, to smaller flowers as the bouquets taper towards a point at the bottom.

With 2014 set to be a year of colour mixed with neutrals, shower bouquets are also set to be a big trend this year as their additional length allows for combinations of colour with them being longer than traditional round or posy bouquets. Blush pinks shower bouquet £POA (credit Aikman Smith) 1

Here are some of our predictions for shower bouquets this year:

2013 saw a variety of bouquets and shower bouquets were growing more popular.  2014 will see more unusual and wilder shower bouquets.  They won’t be as symmetrical and perfect, using foilage and flowers which are more rustic. Spring shower bouquet £POA (Credit - (2) 1

Brides will be going for lose, trailing bouquets, incorporating asparagus ferns, ivy and flowers which have around for a long time such as carnations, dahlias, poppies and chrysanths to make them look more interesting.  Bouquets will have a 1930-1940’s feel to them as back then, when money was scarce, brides used what they could grow in their garden, giving them a more homemade, humble feel.

Wild Hand-Tied Bouquet (BSW shoot) 1

Shower bouquets enable brides to show a bit of their personality.  Add coloured ribbon or lace around the stems to match your wedding theme or dress.

If fresh flowers aren’t your style, go for a shower brooch bouquet and incorporate family heirlooms and your favourite pieces of jewellery. Pink and Green Bouquet Bouquet £85 - £350 1

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