Silent Discos – the new wedding trend

14 Feb 2014

A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without a DJ announcing your first dance and guests dancing to your favourite music or cheesy disco tunes.  But what can you do when you have your wedding reception at a venue or in a marquee where they don’t want loud music?  The answer of course is a silent disco.


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“What is a silent disco?” you are probably asking.  A silent disco is where all of your guests wear a set of headphones to listen to the music being played.  This means, no music will be heard by anyone not wearing headphones.

Silent discos are becoming more and more popular at weddings as they bring something different to the occasion and the party doesn’t have to stop just after midnight, allowing newly-wed couples to make their special day last even longer.

If you don’t want a DJ, a silent disco can be transmitted from iPods and they can allow you to have multiple music types to ensure all of your guests can enjoy the music.


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Why have a silent disco?

As silent discos reduce the amount of noise, this enables you to hold your wedding reception at venues or places where you would not have usually been able.

Is it really silent?

A silent disco doesn’t mean you have to be quiet, the music simply cant be heard when your headphones are off.  Guests will, no doubt, be singing away with their headphones on and you can slide your headphones off when you want a conversation with one of your guests.  The beauty is, you wont lose your voice having to shout over loud music!


(Source – Daily Record)

So, if you want something unique and different at your wedding, a silent disco is perfect – the wedding video will be great to watch!

For more information and to enquire about having a silent disco at your wedding, please contact Lindsey on 0791 2200365 or


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